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Ah Ha! couldn't help yourself could you? 
You had to do click didn't you?
Well, You asked for it.


I first abandoned my family three years ago when I  went
to University, in Montana.  That's Missoula, Montana, not to 
be confused with my home state of MissourI.

I came to Japan with the JET program right after I graduated in May.
Now, I am teaching English to hundreds of lovely teenagers in this fair 
city of Shiogama.  No, they really are lovely.  Especially when they ask 
me what color my underwear is.

So, I created this website so my sad and lonely family can keep 
up with my exciting life, living vicariously through my joy.  
( Okay, not really, but its easier than writing everyone all the time.) 

Sadly, I will probably only be here for a year.  My 
future as a poor Anthropologist awaits me.  But then 
I will be in Hawaii , with ever more exciting stories
to share.  So fear not, you can continue
frequenting this site as long and as often as you desire.  
(but not tooo often, I am actually kind of lazy.)

Not enough for you? Email me, or leave a message on the board.  nosy butt.




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