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Kyoto  part I                             April 1, 2001 


Ginkakuji, the 'Silver pavilion'.  There isn't actually any silver anywhere.  
Was I the only one misled by this? 
The Gold Pavilion is gold.  The brochure and tourist book say it was inspired by 
the gold pavilion.  Hmmm, Gold Pavilion, gold covered building, Silver pavilion, silver 
building....waaiit...noooo.   Its only shaped the same.  and much smaller at that.  
Who came up with this analogy anyway?  
I wouldn't have been disappointed if someone had only exposed the dirty truth.  
The gravel-Fuji was nice, though.  

above Ginkakuji.JPG (109950 bytes)    Ginkakuji B.JPG (134094 bytes)    gravel fuji.JPG (138977 bytes)  

gravel sea.JPG (152331 bytes)


These two are of the Okazaki shrine.  Its tucked away in a little corner near the Heian shrine.  
It was rather peaceful without throngs of other tourists around.  The rabbit on the fountain
has a cute little frog between his feet.

bunny fountain.JPG (105006 bytes)    Okazaki shrine.JPG (92062 bytes)  


This is the Heian shrine, dedicated to the Empress and Emperor Meiji.  I think.  
It certainly made an impression on me.  Maybe they really liked orange and green together.

Heian shrine gate.JPG (145342 bytes)    Inner Heian shrine.JPG (104565 bytes)   


Oooooh!!!  Cherry blossoms!  This is the Philosophers' Stroll path, leading from Nanzenji temple to the Gingkakuji.

philosophers stroll.JPG (163132 bytes)


These are not exactly the Nanzenji temple, but that's the giant gate to it, a view from the top, and others 
from the same park area.

Nanzenji gate.JPG (100662 bytes)    random shrine 1.JPG (113582 bytes)    random shrine 2a.JPG (88691 bytes)   

random shrine 2.JPG (117779 bytes)



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