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 It isn't often in the States that you go out drinking with your boss and colleagues.
The annual Holiday parties, an occasional celebration party, possibly an after 
graduation party with your 100+ ninth grade students' parents.  
But, normally, getting drunk and bonding with your boss aren't two things 
that go together.

On those rare occasions when we Westerners find ourselves in the same room as 
copious alcohol and fellow office mates (and parents), there are certain unwritten 
rules that apply, no? 

First off, obviously, don't get yourself smashing drunk, right?  But if the drinking 
is unavoidable, (say, if the beer is free and someone keeps refilling your glass) 
you at least try to remember the rest of the rules.

 Always act in a dignified and respectable manner.

flowers.JPG (98156 bytes)  Always behave like the role model you are expected 
                                         to be as a teacher.  These parents trust you with their 
                                         children's future.

mmmmm beer.JPG (74926 bytes)(And try not to stare love struck at your beer.)

yes, thats the principle.JPG (78645 bytes)  Don't pose in the picture box like the little dolls they 
                                         use for the girls' festival. 
                                         And don't tip the pictures crooked on purpose.  
                                         (Unless maybe you are the boss, 
                                         'cause who do you have to worry about?)

 Try not to don aprons and kerchiefs with your colleagues and entertain the 200 parents present by dancing to Shingo Mama's hit J-pop song 'Oha'.
  (sorry, I was too busy performing to take a picture.)

pants please.JPG (78118 bytes)  And, Oh! Never, never take off your clothes!

Brrrrrr.JPG (83392 bytes)
Don't tease your colleagues about how cold it 
must be, 'cause it sure looks nipply, or shout things like,
'Woowoo, Hey sweet cheeks!'.

(At least stand proud, the human body is 
   beautiful, after all.)

 yeah japan!.JPG (84148 bytes)   You'll really be embarrassed the
                                           next day if in the middle of your show, everyone 
                                           finds out that isn't your real hair.




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