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Cherry Blossoms        April 17-22, 2001

  During the Cherry blossom season, the shrine is lit up at night, and people have drinking   
  picnics were they marvel at the beautiful flowers.  


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Gin Blossoms

  This is the Hanami party I went to with my fellow teachers from the 'number two'  
  elementary school.  We got there around six and left around ten, to continue at 
  the second location.  We parked ourselves on a big tarp, with piles of food in the 
  middle.  They even brought along a little gas stove so we could have oden, yakitori 
  and hot tea. mmmm...

  The party next to us brought along a karaoke machine.  A real karaoke machine, with 
  the giant sound box and big screen TV for the videos.  They put it right under a 
  cherry tree.

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