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Islands of Shiogama  Autumn, 2000

Most of these were taken on the island of Sabasawa, famous for its hellish winds and
poisonous snake population.  In the summer, people flock here to hang out on the beaches,
and get bitten.  In the Edo period, this was the major port for this region of Japan, 
and the first iron ship was built here.  Residents still find Jomon artifacts on the beaches of these islands.  Sabasawa is next to Nonoshima, where my junior high is located.  
Katsurashima is across from Nonoshima on the other side.

drying rice on the beach.JPG (394101 bytes)    drying rice closeup.JPG (382469 bytes)    beach at sabasawa.JPG (291319 bytes)       

looking at shichigahama.JPG (249881 bytes)    fisherman.JPG (231208 bytes)    drying rice.JPG (343472 bytes)  

feilds of sabasawa.JPG (278979 bytes)    nori farming.JPG (233125 bytes)    rice feilds.JPG (283896 bytes)   

rice bw.JPG (237274 bytes)



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