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Kawaii! - Cute! Exclaiming Kawaii ne?  is a national past time.  Last week a 6 year
 old girl with no front teeth told me I was kawaii.  If a kid asks what you think of
 them, or a friend, this is a good response.

Kowaii - Scary.  I only mention it because its pretty close to kawaii.  Don't 
get them confused.

Kakko ii - Cool appearance wise.  This is roughly the same in usage as Kawaii, 
not as common, I hear it used more for guys.

Sugoi!/Sugei! -  Cool as in Wow! that's cool!.

Saiko! - Superlatively wonderful.  When I started, I had a first year student
 who'd yell, Saiko! every time I said something.  Its sounds just like psycho. 

Wakarimasen / wakaranai - I don't understand.

Wakkanai / wakkane! - Colloquial form of wakarimasen.  Frequently shouted 
out after directions are given or a question is asked.

Iya - No

Iyada!  Ya da! - That sucks! there's no way!  This comes after kids are asked
 to move, speak, think or do anything related to English. 

Yatta! - I did it!  Exclamation made after a successful communication attempt.

Muri - Impossible

Nandakke? - Said when one is unsure and trying really hard to think of what 
to say or do.

Gaijin Da! - A really rude way to say, Oh, a foreigner! (literally, outsider).

Yappari - As expected.  Once when I was taking photos at the shrine, I heard
 these words flutter past, 'Yappari, hitori de..."  Oh yeah!  well, 'Yappari,
 nihonjin wa 5nin de..!'

Dekai! - Huge, giantarific.  The correct response is Ah! Mijikai/ chichai!

Ashi (wa) nagai!! - Long legs.  All foreigners have long legs.  and big boobs.
 Regardless of reality.

Hana (ga) takai! - We also all have high noses.  Although, foreigners of Asian
 descent probably don't have to put up with this.  Well, you might, if they know
 your from the West.  The response is, 'hana ga mijikai/hikui naa.'

Umai - Excellent.  as in, Umai! Hashi!  (Your use of Chopsticks is excellent!) 
 The correct response when occasion permits is, 'Fork ga umai yo!'

Joozu - Well.  as in 'Nihongo wa joozu'.  Any Japanese utterance will earn 
this praise.  Sometimes interchangeable with umai.

Mou kekkou desu. - The most efficient way of refusing food or drink.  If your
 glass is empty though, nothing will work.

Onegaishimasu - Please.  The best way to ask for more food or drink.  
Beeru Onegaishimasu!

Atsui ne? - Hot isn't it?  A must know for everyone going to Japan.  This will
 start 90% of all conversations up until winter, when it becomes... 

Samui ne? - Cold isn't it?  

(note: there is no 'warm, isn't it?'  or 'cool, isn't it?' (mushi atsui is humid).  
I think they must be an extremely uncomfortable people, always hot or cold.)




  Hey! What time is it in Japan?

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