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  Kinkasan and Friends       April, 2001

    These are some miscellaneous photos taken during my mom's visit the last week of 
    March and the beginning of April.


   Kinkasan Island.  Kinkasan is a lovely little island full of deer and some monkeys.  The island
    is a mountain, and besides nature, the only thing there is the shrine at the top.  And a souvenir shop.
    Its a good two hour trip from Shiogama, but worth it at least once, if only because the temperature
    was a good 10 degrees warmer than the mainland.  The deer were a little scraggly since it seemed to 
    be molting season, but they are quite friendly.  especially if you have food and you offer to scratch
    their horns.  We had good fun trekking through the wilderness to find the monkeys, even though we 
    only saw three.

   kinkasan dragonW.JPG (101364 bytes)    monkeyW.JPG (128085 bytes)    babydeerW.JPG (86558 bytes) 
   shoredeerW.JPG (103119 bytes)    shrinedeerW.JPG (114331 bytes)    


    beach markerW.JPG (64235 bytes)    pingpongW.JPG (78801 bytes)  

    zuihodentreesW.JPG (104285 bytes)    kokeshiW.JPG (68637 bytes)  



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