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Day One and Fourteen - Kunming City

Kunming is the largest city in Yunnan.  It looked a lot like any city in Japan.  There are several sites to see around the city, but I didn't go to any of them.  Its a good place to rent a bicycle and ride around with the natives.  I didn't do that either.  I did buy lots of great 5 yen CD's, though.  We also went to a hotel bar and danced like fools for the two person band.  Kunming also has some great little cafes.  I wouldn't eat the meat, though.

bikes.JPG (158804 bytes)    bikestalls.JPG (119317 bytes)    kunming.JPG (73792 bytes)

kunmingroof.JPG (65403 bytes)    meat.JPG (104943 bytes)    



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