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  Kyoto, part II                                    April 2, 2001


     Kinkakuji, the Gold Pavilion.  This one is a reconstruction, built after the original was burnt
      down by a fanatical novice monk in 1950.  There are a couple of layers of gold leaf over 
      Japanese lacquer.  Its much more impressive than the wooden Silver Pavilion.

     Kinkakuji close.JPG (102662 bytes)    kinkakuji pond.JPG (106559 bytes)    Kinkakuji.JPG (138914 bytes)  


    Nijo Castle.  This castle was built for the Shogun.  The inner residence is protected immediately
 by the smaller wall and gate in the third photo, plus the massive walls on the outside, and surrounded 
 by a moat.  That's a small part of the pond near the residence.

     nijo castle wall.JPG (50085 bytes)            Nijojo entrance.JPG (87048 bytes)   

     nijojo gate.JPG (120383 bytes)   nijojo pond.JPG (122133 bytes)                    


     Ryoanji Temple.  This temple has the most famous zen garden in all of Japan.  It is said to 
     represent the essence of the Japanese culture and spirit.  The rest of the grounds contain 
     a regular landscaped garden and pond.  and some turtles.

    ryoanji fountian.JPG (137901 bytes)    ryoanji pond.JPG (109369 bytes)    Ryoanji rock garden.JPG (81366 bytes)              
    turtles.JPG (92470 bytes)    



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