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  Matsushima Bay

    The Japanese people are quite fond of this place, famous for its little islands 
    dotting the bay.  Its one of the 'Three famous' views in Japan.  Matsushima is 
    located on the other side of the same bay as Shiogama.  It offers a nice natural 
    contrast to Shiogama's fishing harbor.  Even if it is a little touristy.  They have 
    souvenir shops in souvenir shops.  But they do have a rather nice old monastery.
    There are caves carved into the rock where the monks used to live.  There is still 
    a monastery (see tree) and museum to visit, plus lovely secluded flower
    gardens you can sneak into without paying.  The dragon boat is one you can take 
    on a scenic trip from Shiogama and back.

  downtown matsushima.JPG (75070 bytes)    flower arranging.JPG (157498 bytes)    tea ceremony.JPG (72774 bytes)

  handing out teacakes.JPG (81699 bytes)    island in the bay.JPG (78314 bytes)   masoleum in sunlight.JPG (100919 bytes)

  tea ceremonya.JPG (275141 bytes)    dragon boat.JPG (67411 bytes)          

   The following were taken the last week of march, 2001.  I thought it 
 was finally warming up here, but it snowed all day!  This was during my mom's
 visit.  It made for some nice photos, but we must have walked home in about
 three inches of slushy snow.  At least it wasn't crowded.

  bamboosnowW.JPG (136735 bytes)    shrinesnowW.JPG (106668 bytes)    fernsW.JPG (125839 bytes)

  treesnowW.JPG (92576 bytes)    gravesW.JPG (122454 bytes)

*Shiogama = Salt mine.  Matsushima= Pine clad islands



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