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Me and Friends

The first three photos were taken at the Bon Festival, in which we had to 
dance.  Shiogama is famous for its Bon dance.  They have their own song and
everything.  It probably took us 5 minutes to learn.  We were subsequently 
featured on regional cable television.  They seem fascinated by foreigners
doing anything that requires moving. or breathing.  That was the first but not
the only time I've been on cable.  Nicole even has her own local show.  
That's Nicole and Kisara singing at karaoke, and me and our friend Ando,
on the same night.  Kisara is mine and Davids' supervisor.  Nicole is the 'Coordinator
for International Relations' in Shiogama.


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kisara and nicole at karaoke.JPG (49432 bytes)    me and andokun at karaoke.JPG (36560 bytes)    nicoles bday.jpg (55104 bytes)




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