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The name's chan, Tarachan.

O.K., that's not my real name, its just a nickname.  
Its also the nickname of a three year old cartoon character named after 
cod fish.

So who am I?  Are you dying to know?  What make's you think I'd post such
 personal information on a public web page?  Well, your lucky I am fearless.
 But don't expect any phone numbers, or social security numbers.  I'm not 
 so stupid as to fall for that a third time.  You get the facts.  Just the facts,

What's your name? I already told you.

Birthday? January 5th, 1979.  Presents and cards can be sent in advance. 
               No, cash wouldn't be tacky.

How old are you? You can add, can't you?

When were you in Japan?  July 17th, 2000 to July 23rd, 2001.

Where at in Japan?  Kamaboko capital of the universe, Shiogama city 
                               in Miyagi prefecture.

Where are you from?  St. Louis, MO.  (That's safe to admit, isn't it?)

Where'd you go to school?  University of Montana, Missoula.  

What'd you study?  Anthropology, little bit of archaeology and Asian
                              studies.  And a wee bit o' Japanese of course. 

Why?  Why do you care?!  Quit asking hard questions.

What are you doing after JET?  Is this a trick question?  Am I supposed 
                   to know the answer?  I'm going to China, visit my family back
                   home, fight some evildoers, save the world and apply for 
                   grad school.

Grad School, eh? What for smarty pants?  Sshh....don't let them know I 
                                                               wear pants!!

You didn't answer the question.  Grad school?  Uummm....Archaeology and
                         social development in Southeast Asia.  probably.

That's two different subjects, what's the matter, don't know what your doing?  I don't have to take this badgering from you.  

Defensive, aren't we?  NO!  Shut up, poohead.

Are you allowed to insult yourself in a mock interview?  Thats a stupid
                                  question and I refuse to answer it, booger brain.

Got any hobbies?  Besides all the loyal energy I devote to my web page?
                           Well, I like reading, long walks on the beach, saving the
                           world, fighting for innocents, picking on Japanese kids, 
                           a little shorinji kempo, and sleeping.

Are you married?  Got any kids? 

OW! Hey! That was uncalled for!  

Anything else you'd like to share?  What's the matter, can't think of any
                                                    other questions?

What color is your underwear?  That's privileged information, cheeky
                                                monkey.  You can look, but you can't tell
                                                anyone on penalty of death.


I think that's enough questions for today. How about you?  Well, if you can't
                         think of anything else, we can pretend to finish this charade. 

Uumm....Okay.  Fine then.  But you have to show me your underwear before we
                      leave here. Its only fair.




  Hey! What time is it in Japan?

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