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Sapporo Snow Festival February 8-12, 2001

This was the 52nd annual Snow festival in Sapporo.  Small snow 
sculptures lined Odori Ave, as well as giant sculptures and buildings.
The Trevi Fountain took about 100 tons of snow, packed into a frame
and then carved over a period of months.  The penguin is representing 
Australia, it was unofficially voted the worst sculpture. sorry, Australians.
We found the penguin's chicken feet especially amusing.


China.JPG (52999 bytes)   malaysian dragons.JPG (60308 bytes)   pheonix.JPG (68291 bytes) 
'The Victor' from China.               'The dragons of Lake Chimi' from Malaysia

snowshrineA.JPG (75315 bytes)   trevi fountian close.JPG (54115 bytes)   trevi fountian far.JPG (79139 bytes)  

iceseafoodfar.JPG (138761 bytes)   ice seafood.JPG (101373 bytes)   Wings.JPG (107541 bytes)   
Ice sculptures along Susukino ave.

Karen and pengi.JPG (66848 bytes)   penguin feet.JPG (41979 bytes)
The Fairy Penguin of Australia with the sassy redheaded Karen of Ireland.



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