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Strange Things  dooodoodoooo....

Strange product number one...

hmmm...is that what that's for?  'The deluxe vibrator...for neck, shoulder and waist.'
Uniqueful indeed.


Mmmm....sanitary.  No more pesty germs in my food.  Looks suspiciously like the toilet cleaner on the left.  I actually have no idea what it is or why it turns your food white.

'What are they thinking?' product number two....

    Coca-colas presents... Water salad! mmm. can you see 
 those fruit and vegetable pictures around the edge?  Thats what goes into water salad.  
 Grapes, grapefruit, lettuce, celery, tomato, pear, carrot, some green leaves, apple, 
 green pepper and lemon.   I wouldn't even put that stuff in a real salad. All together 
 these only equal 10%.  The other 90% is water, sugar and bad cool-aid flavoring, if the 
 taste is any indication.  That blue writing at the bottom says 'calorie off'.  Apparently 
 drinking this kills calories.  
 Or you could just eat a 100% fruit apple.

Straight from the pizza delivery menu.....They at least all have cheese on top.
(reading katakana English is harder than Japanese, the italicized words are ones I couldn't decipher.  If you can, please enlighten me.)  

1.  Curry sauce base, scrambled egg, sausage, chorizo, diced tomato, paseri(?)

2.  Sauce less, taco meat, mushrooms, diced tomato, pepperoni, American riresshu.

3.  Sauceless, burdock root salad (like a coleslaw 'salad'), corn, cubed beef.  This one 
    is called the Shakei shakei ton ton.

4.  Meat sauce base, hamburger, tomato, American riresshu, red pepper, paseri, mayonnaise, 
     cheese sauce.

5.  Salami, bacon, shrimp, sausage (these are actually whole wieners), fried chicken, mushroom,     
     onion, green pepper, garlic.

6.  Cocktail sausages, ham, American riresshu, mayonnaise, paseri, onion, green pepper, 
     meat sauce.

7.  Zuwaigani (gray crab?), Crab sticks, scrambled egg, bamboo shoots, mayonnaise, paseri.

8.  Tuna, tomato, bamboo shoots, cocktail sauce, fried onions.

9.  Soy sauce base, jamon potatoes, tuna, corn, onion, green pepper, mayonnaise,
     bacon chips.

10.  The Pizza Ten-Four original 'healthy dessert pizza' - Custard sauce base, 
(tiny red beans), sweet potato, and cheeseless.  At least they spared us the cheese.

*Would someone please tell me what riresshu and paseri are?

 *I have just realized that paresi may indeed be parsley.  

*I was fairly positive that riresshu was not relish, but after receiving some emails, I reexamined the 
    the menu pictures, and the taco pizza does appear to have relish on it.  I am confounded as to why 
    they spell it riresshu, when it could easily be spelled rerisshu in katakana.  or why its American.  
    But I am more disturbed by the fact that they think tacos should have relish on them.  blech.

*I have also lately realized that 'jamon' potatoes are actually 'German' potatoes.  I think their fried or 
  something with onions and ham or ham grease.

Oh, never fear, there's more...from the Strawberry Cones menu...

1.  Cod roe, mayonnaise, squid, shrimp, onion, nori. (This one wins distinction 
     as sounding the most disgusting.  Thanks to the fish eggs, or tarako.)

2.  Basil sauce, smoked salmon, scallops, onion, mayonnaise.

3,  Green salad, tomato, cheese, smoked bacon, olive dressing.

4,  Smoked bacon, egg, mayonnaise.

5.  Crab, scallops, corn, onion, garlic, mayonnaise.

6.  Scallops, tuna, tomato, onion, garlic, mayonnaise.

7.  Abundant corn.

I am not sure what's up with the corn and mayonnaise, it seems to be quite popular.  You can
actually get Pizza Hut pizza, but they often sneak corn on, too.  I must admit though, there
are Italian restaurants here that serve hand tossed brick oven baked pizzas that are really good.  I even once had a pepperoni pizza with a half fried egg scribbled up on top that 
was pretty tasty.








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