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  Strange Things II

    Things schoolgirls glue* to their own flesh...

     1)  School uniform socks, to keep them from slouching.

     2)  Big fat knit legwarmers. To keep them unnaturally 
          perched halfway up the calf.  (but still slouched due 
          to the sheer size, these also go with school uniforms.)*

     3)  Their underwear, to prevent wedgies in gym class.

*Girls are actually forced to skirts all year, without nylons or stockings, in unheated schools.
  So these silly legwarmers actually have a functional purpose.  But they still look ridiculous.  
  And they do actually think they are a fashion statement, since they wear them outside of school.
  I don't know why they can't just sew elastic into the sock bands.  These are the sock of choice 
  for high school girls.

*The glue used for this would be glue sticks, a'la Elmer's and sixth grade art class.


    Odd things you can buy in a vending machine....

    1)  Beer and Sake, in king size glass bottles.

    2)  Realllly hot canned coffee, tea and corn cream soup.

    3)  Cigarettes

    4)  Condoms

    5)  Video Games

    6)  Porn videos  (I have heard reports of a certain porno machine 
            outside of a boys' high school that sells out every day.)

    7)  Hot meals, i.e., hamburger, fried chicken, sea breem.  Made while you wait.
(How very Star Trek, huh?)

    8)  Comic books, for kids and dirty old men.

    9)  Uncooked rice and fresh eggs.

    10)  Batteries

    11)  Used women's underwear.  (This information was obtained second-hand, hehe, and
            apparently is only in Tokyo for a limited time.)


    Celebrities who've shamelessly done commercials here...

    1)  Brad Pitt, for Boss canned coffee, and jeans.

    2)  Catherine Zeta-Jones, for Shampoo.

    3)  Mariah Carey, more canned coffee.  (Mariah wins the award
            for most annoying and offensive commercial, involving go-cars, short skirts and shrieking.)

    4)  Jennifer Anniston

    5)  Cameron Diaz, Eos cars.  She also appears on the ad posters.
(Cameron gets the award for most lucrative shameless career move, since it 
            won her a rare early release of 'Charlie's Angels' in Japan.  
            "Hey, did you see that movie with the girl from the Eos Car commercial?")

    6)  Sumo wrestler Akebono.  

    7)  Stevie Wonder  'Fire' coffee

    8)  George Clooney  Some luxury car

    9)  Naomi Campbell  Lipton bottled tea

    10)  Ewan Macgregor  English conversation school, Though I think his commercials are pretty good.

     11)  Tiger Woods  More coffee.

*Its important to note that these are not 'celebrity' spot commercials.  They're just regular 
  commercials where they rarely speak, and their names are never mentioned.


Recently learned fact #2 - The Silver Pavilion in Kyoto is not even remotely 
                                                    close to being silver.

Little known fact #1 - Little old Japanese ladies like to dye their hair blue and purple.







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