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Coming attractions..

   Wondering what its like inside a Japanese school?  Well, you've come to the 
right page!  It may seem a little overwhelming in your first couple of days...umm..months.. But once you get to learn the secret handshake and password, its one big party, 
let me tell you.  

First, lets take a look at the students....


emi and students.JPG (35111 bytes)  Some kids may seem bored or apathetic about you at 
first, but don't worry, they're really just shy.  They'll warm up to you eventually.  
Try bribing them. 

ai n haruka.JPG (45935 bytes) Food seems to work well.

classroom.JPG (48138 bytes)   All the kids have matching clothes and matching desks 
 and matching bags.  Some of them even have matching faces.  This is a survival 
 mechanism, so teachers get confused when confronted by a group and are unable 
 to single out individuals by name.  If you carry a large stick you can just poke 
 whoever you want.


choking.JPG (37516 bytes)   Violence may be common at your school.  Sometimes its
 just for fun, but its hard to tell the difference.  If your not going to join in, you can
 at least ignore it.  If you befriend some of the larger ninth graders, you can get 
 them to do your bidding.  It can drastically cut down on the number of kids who 
 forget their worksheets, or refuse to pose for pictures.

floor scrubs.JPG (39570 bytes)     windows.JPG (23809 bytes) Students in Japan get to clean 
 their own schools.  They have a special period for it a couple times a week.  
 This accomplishes several things.  The schools save money on janitors, the students
 learn responsibility and we, in turn, learn not to sit on the floor, lean against the walls,
 or reach under desks for dropped pens.  

group2.JPG (31690 bytes)    group6.JPG (50488 bytes)   This is the universal Japanese 
'I'm getting my picture taken' gesture.  Many students love posing for pictures.  
 They're also eager to learn the universal American 'I'm getting my picture taken' 
 gesture.  Make something up.  Be creative.  Its fun, and they'll never know the 
 difference.  By the way, handing over your expensive camera to thirteen year olds 
 may not be the greatest idea.

schoolpool.JPG (43370 bytes)  All schools in Japan have a pool.  And a large sandy dirt 
field that masquerades as a baseball, softball, soccer, track field and playground.  
Both are safely within the confines of the school walls, just in case someone responsible 
feels like coaching or watching the kids.  

 schoolyard.JPG (30378 bytes)  This is a view of the seventh graders wing of the school.  
The classrooms are on the third floor.  The other floors house practice rooms and empty 
space.  That's the guard tower seen in back.

                                                                                           The Teachers O




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