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Things I'll miss when I leave...


1)  Nomikais!!  Where else can you go drinking with coworkers several years 
your senior and still have as much fun getting drunk as if you were barhopping
with college friends?  Always guaranteed to have a wacky time.

2)  Karaoke!  Usually the 'second location' for nomikais.  With large screen 
TVs displaying the words while cheesy 80 style video plays in the background 
(its always the same)  and acoustics that always make you sound good.  Everyone 
thinks your talented just for being able to pronounce the words.  And when else 
can you get a standing ovation for both Karma Chameleon and Aerosmith?

3)  7-11's  Sure they have them back home. but its just not the same, the ones here 
sell real food.  The one down the street always has a gourmet selection of desserts.  
Sure I don't eat the grilled octopus or cod roe, but I could, and that's what's so 
intriguing.  I do however, eat the onigiri and dumplings. If it weren't for my local 
7-11, I'd probably starve.

4)  Hokka Hokka-Te  The local bento shop.  500 for my favorite tonkatsu and rice.  
Its like gourmet fast food.  only cheaper. mmmm.....

5)  Mass transportation  five minute walk to the train station, never have to stop 
for gas, and the perfect nap time.  Always climate controlled.  Never need a 
designated driver either.

6) Elementary school students  Sure I'll miss my older kids too, but the shogakusei 
deserve special mention.  They are just too unbearably cute.  And always happy to 
see me.  They never cease to surprise or amuse me with the stuff they come out with.  
My favorite was the little boy who was supposed to introduce himself and shake my 
hand, and instead stared at me and stuck his finger up his nose.  





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