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Asakusa, Tokyo


This is the Sensoji temple in Asakusa.  I highly recommend it.  On the outside of the 
gate is a market with souvenirs and food.  It has quite a carnival atmosphere.  
The dancing midgets were a little much, though.

During festivals the inside is open to the public.  There is a large statue of a 
Buddha with some golden palm trees or plants or something.  You can throw change 
into the big offering pit over everyone's heads.

Roar.JPG (111195 bytes)    sensoji plaza A.JPG (91514 bytes)    sensoji.JPG (54905 bytes)  

sensoji 3.JPG (140302 bytes)    sensoji shops.JPG (177165 bytes)    sensoji gate.JPG (172003 bytes)   

sensoji close.JPG (189680 bytes)    smallshrinesensoji.JPG (128563 bytes)          

radish.JPG (93161 bytes)    river sumida.JPG (113716 bytes)

These two are in Asakusa, on the Sumida river.



These photos were taken in July, 2000.  That's Shibuya at nighttime, and Shinjuku in the day.  
The last is called the 'Super Big Building'.  Really, I read it on a postcard.

shibuya TV W.JPG (63359 bytes)    shibuyaW.JPG (99855 bytes)    
super big building.JPG (78108 bytes)  



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