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Episode One and a halfTiny singing Japanese people.

  I find these Japanese to be a strange people.  Even now on TV they are 
 laughing at other people's pain in the guise of what appears to be a game show.  
 This seems to be the same show that is on all day.  It keeps going from clips of 
 people being injured to shiny happy Japanese people laughing hysterically.  
 But this show seems to share airtime with a similar show hosted by a man in drag.  
 In this show they embarrass unsuspecting victims on the street and then laugh hysterically.  

  It also disturbs me a little that everyone here seems to be able to sing.  A roomful
 of seemingly random individuals was able to give a perfect, in tune rendition of 
 their national anthem, while America's national anthem gets butchered by people 
 who are paid to sing.  In America you would be lucky to find one person in twenty 
 who could sing in tune or on key, much less twenty of those individuals who could 
 sing well together.  I say twenty because there are twenty kids at one of my schools 
 and yet they were lucky enough to have all twenty fill out a complete and beautiful 
 sounding choir.  I personally find this odd.  And maybe even a little Stepford-y.

  12 of these students managed to give a lovely rendition of "Country Roads", 
 despite my nearly uncontrollable urge to laugh at their choice of music.  
 (I should say, I managed to sit through their lovely rendition of Country Roads, 
 despite my urge to laugh.)  Unfortunately, there was no one to share the joke with.

  I don't know how America became reduced to being represented by a John Denver 
 song, but it frightens me a little.  I mean, why not a Michael Jackson song, or the 
 Madonna version of American pie?

  It all makes me wish I had some McDonald's cheeseburgers with a super-size fry 
 and Dr. Pepper, with the Star Spangled Banner playing out of tune in the background.

   PEpisode One



  Hey! What time is it in Japan?

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